About Us

We are a diverse group of residents in and near the City of Bayside, Victoria who want to learn about and conserve our local native fauna.


  1. To promote the conservation of native fauna in the bayside region of Melbourne
  2. To engage and educate the local bayside community in taking action to help preserve our urban native wildlife.
  3. To undertake surveys and research to learn more about urban bayside Melbourne native wildlife and its conservation needs
  4. To advise local land managers, local and state government and other relevant bodies on strategies to conserve native wildlife

We undertake many types of activities in the pursuit of our purposes. You can find out more about some of our current activities on this website, and by subscribing to our newsletter.


After operating for nearly 20 years as Bayside Friends of Native Wildlife, we incorporated in February 2015 to become Friends of Native Wildlife Inc. As an incorporated group we now have legal standing under the standard Model Rules. This gives us many advantages over the old structure, including better legal protection and the ability to apply for more grants to assist our work.

All members agree to abide by our terms, including the Model Rules and our Code of Conduct.


FoNW Committee

Back row: Denis Young (former committee member), Geoffrey Daniel, Paul Foxworthy, Adam Burrowes
Front row: Sally Eldridge, Anne Jessel, Elizabeth Walsh

Current committee members:

Anne Jessel
Elizabeth Walsh
Adam Burrowes
Paul Foxworthy
General committee
Geoffrey Daniel
Sally Eldridge
Kerri Valkova
Nykita Ivanoff

The committee members are the primary coordinators for a vibrant and enthusiastic group of people who love to learn more about and take action to help conserve the local native fauna. Being an inclusive group, our membership covers all ages, abilities and types of people. The valuable tasks undertaken by members include:

  • managing communications such as Facebook, Twittter and email newsletter
  • letterbox drops to those living near upcoming events
  • helping to identify bat calls
  • running research programs
  • photocopying and printing
  • constructing items such as bat roost boxes
  • acting as marshalls at larger events
  • gathering data on the wildlife in their immediate area
  • guest speakers at schools and community group meetings
  • creating custom computer software to assist with research and analysis
  • planting to enhance habitat
  • regularly surveying wildlife such as frogs for organisations such as Melbourne Water

If you are a local who has any interest in the native animals around you, please join us and start learning about what is around you, as well as simple things you can do (or not do!) to help the wildlife in your backyard.