Recycle containers and help FoNW

Victoria has introduced a container deposit scheme (CDS). When you bring recyclable containers to a CDS location, you are helping to reduce rubbish and litter and increasing the recovery and recycling of containers. What's more, you can receive a payment of 10c per container, or choose to donate that to a worthy cause. We have registered as a CDS partner, so that worthy cause could be FoNW!

Most aluminium, glass, plastic and paperboard containers between 150ml and 3 litres are eligible - look for the 10c mark, usually near the barcode.

There are several locations across Bayside and nearby, including the Bayside transfer station in Talinga Road, Cheltenham. Some locations are "reverse vending machines", where the container goes in and the payment comes out; some are "over the counter" retailers where a friendly human can help you.

Bayside is part of the East region managed by Return-It. You can download their app for Apple or Android smartphones to help manage your payments and donations. In the app, you can select an organisation to support. FoNW's partner ID is C2000009969, or within the app you can scan this barcode :
Barcode for CDS donations to FoNW