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We are often asked to recommend books about our local native wildlife and its preferred habitat. We've partnered with the Australian online bookseller Booktopia so you can find and buy relevant books, while supporting our work. Just click on any book we list to go to the Booktopia website, then go ahead and buy whatever you want. We will receive a portion of the proceeds of any book you purchase (not only the ones we list).

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Dr Harold G Cogger

The professional's book on Australian reptiles and amphibians. For a general field guide, look at the one by Stephen Swanson.

Peter Menkhorst et al

Receiving good reviews, this new book is an excellent modern reference on Australian birds. 

Ian Fraser, Jeannie Gray

A book for those fascinated by bird names (both common and scientific) and their origins.

Barbara Triggs

Recognise and identify the traces animals leave behind them.

Sue Churchill

The best guide to Australian bats we've seen. 

Alan Franks, Stacey Franks