"Wild In Bayside" talks

We have "Wild In Bayside" talks with a guest speaker in spring and autumn each year. Here's the history of past talks.


Date Speaker Topic
2015-08-31 Rob Bender Bats
2016-02-23 Tania Ireton Birds
2016-09-20 Dr Richard Akers Frogs
2017-02-28 Max Campbell Local Native Insects and Other Invertebrates
2017-09-26 Jeff Smith Gardens For Wildlife
2018-02-27 Grant Harris and Dr Bronwyn Isaac Dying Trees, Living Wildlife, Powerful Owls
2018-10-02 Dr Amy Hahs Making Room for Nature in our Urban Future
2019-03-20 Dr Matt Anderson Reptile Community of Bayside and SE Suburbs
2019-09-24 Bob Tammik Rakali
2020-03-03 Murray Orr Petrified In Bayside
2020-09-15 Dr Luis Mata Pollinator Observatories (Youtube video)
2021-11-09 Dr Victor Hurley Peregrine Falcons
2022-05-10 Gio Fitzpatrick All About Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve
2022-09-20 John Gooderham Waterbugs (Youtube video)
2023-04-04 Mike Alexander, Black Snake Productions Up Close With Wildlife
2023-09-12 Philippa Bell Building streetscape habitat to enrich biodiversity (Youtube video)
2024-03-26 Belinda Raymond Patterns and Camouflage