Bayside Pigeons

Common Bronzewing by Andrew McCutcheon

Common Bronzewing

Scarce in SE Melbourne, feed on seeds of grasses but likes larger seeds from wattles, wheat, tree lucerne. Needs water.

Males have a yellow forehead.



Crested Pigeon by Andrew McCutcheon

Crested Pigeon

Dry country bird first seen in Bayside in 1994. Now in all open spaces. A symptom of climate change?

Only one with that spiky hair-do!



Spotted Turtledove by Andrew McCutcheon

Spotted Turtle-dove

Common in gardens and bush. Introduced from SE Asia in the nineteenth century.

Has a spangled collar.



Rock Dove by Andrew McCutcheon

Rock Dove

European, introduced almost worldwide. Huge range of breeds including racing and white fantailed pigeons. Few live away from humans.

Has a bump above bill (the “cere”).




Barbary Dove by Michael Norris

Barbary Dove

Domesticated for centuries in North Africa. A few released or escaped cage-birds have nested in Bayside.

Black collar band. Some are white.



Three other pigeons seen in Bayside in the last 10 years are far less common: the Brush Bronzewing and two probably from aviaries, Diamond and Peaceful Doves. All are Australian.