Discovering microbats at Elsternwick Park

Batting 4 Bayside (B4B) visited Elsternwick Park on Sat. 28 February.  Local children joined Envirokids while adults and students arrived later to join Friends of Native Wildlife (FoNW). They all discovered how endoscopes are used to observe bats roosting in special bat box hanging 3 metres up a gum tree. Dark clouds and lightning threatened from afar as the last of the envirokids moved off. Anne, Paul, Angela, Tom and Elizabeth enlightened local residents on the life and needs of  Bayside's 10 species of microbats.
The storm hastened, but the hardy and very keen residents wanted to stay and hear about microbats in their backyard. As safety was our first concern, instead of taking everyone for a walk to hear the microbats' echolocation calls recorded on the Friends of Native Wildlife anabats, we abandoned the park. However, not before residents insisted on helping us pack up in record time, racing for our cars just as the first large drops of rain and mighty wind beat down on us.
All agreed to join us next month at Dendy Park on Saturday 21 March at the earlier time of 7.30pm as it is getting darker much earlier. Look out for our brand new Bayside Friends of Native Wildlife banner which is a very smart beacon for our group activity. Thank you to all who left their cosy homes and attended our Community B4B Event.