Bayside Frogs

Frogs are amphibians. They start life as fish-like tadpoles, but eventually they grow legs, lose their tail, and start breathing air.

They are sensitive to pollution in their environment. As such, they make a good indicator species. Monitoring their numbers is an easy way to monitor water quality.

In Bayside, there are only three good breeding locations:

  • a small wetland on Sandringham Golf Course
  • Tulip Street Pond near the Sandringham Leisure Centre
  • Pobbleponk Park in George St, Sandringham

There are a few other places where frogs may breed in Bayside in favourable years, such as the wetland off Avoca St, Highett.

You can build a frog pond in your garden. Learn more with our Gardens For Wildlife habitat recipes.

Species found in Bayside

  • Eastern Banjo Frog
  • Spotted Marsh Frog
  • Striped Marsh Frog
  • Eastern Common Froglet
  • Southern Brown Tree Frog
  • Peron’s Tree Frog (rare)

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