List of waterbowls for wildlife

Using GPS 1984 datum

South to North – Beaumaris through Black Rock, Sandringham, Hampton to Brighton

Map of waterbowl locations.


1. Rickett's Point

Waterbowl 1 - Rickett's Point

Take road south from Rickett's Point Teahouse to unmade section just south of toilet block on the east side 25m east from grassed area in bushy area under casaurina.

NB: Take great care not to spike eyes on dead overhanging branches.

Two bowls, 1 large, 1 small.

S 37 degrees 59' 37.8” E 145 degrees 01' 53.7”

2. Rickett's Point

Waterbowl 2 Waterbowl 2 surroundings

Take road south from Rickett's Point Teahouse on bitumen, on the east side of the car park in a garden bed. Opposite fourth lamppost to right (i.e. north) of dead stump in garden bed. Enter the right hand side of salt bush.

There are two bowls under a coastal wattle, one shallow, one deep. Clear away leaves and soil from the concrete the bowls are set in.

S 37 degrees 59' 35" E 145 degrees 01' 50"

3. Rickett's Point

Waterbowl 3

Take road south from teahouse on bitumen, opposite second lamp post with a light, on the east side of the car park beside a fence post covered in tetragonia (N.Z. spinach) and under a coastal banksia. Two shallow pottery bowls.

S 37 degrees 59’ 33” E 145 degrees 01’ 49”

4. Rickett's Point North

North of Ricketts Point Teahouse at barbecue

North of Ricketts Point Teahouse at barbecue. One bowl under a drinking fountain and tap needing repair. Use bottle filled from next barbecue site or carry a filled bottle.

S 37 degrees 59' 26.7” E 145 degrees 01' 44.1”

5. Rickett's Point North

Waterbowl 3 - North of Ricketts Point barbecue

North of Rickett's Point Teahouse and north of first barbecue at Rickett's Point. Tap and drinking fountain.

S37 degrees 59' 25.8" E145 degrees 1' 43.4" 

Black Rock

6. South of Half Moon Bay car park

Waterbowl 6

Access in shrubs through fence east of path.

On/off red lever. Two natural pottery patterned bowls made by local children, one deep and one shallow.

S37 degrees 58' 11.6" E145 degrees 00' 40.5"

7. North of Bayview Crescent

Waterbowl 5 - North of Bayview Crescent

Under sheoak and boobialla/acacias to the east of the cliff top path, opposite a timber seat.

One shallow pink bowl.

S37 degrees 58' 07.9” E145 degrees 00' 41.9”


8. South of B12 car park

Waterbowl 6 - South of B12 car park

North of Royal Avenue on east side of track.

Tap removed - one large shallow blue/ochre patterned bowl.

S37 degrees 57' 31.3” E145 degrees 0.00' 33.0”

9. South of Tennyson St

Waterbowl 7 - South of Tennyson St

100m south of B11 car park, just south of Tennyson St along the track on the west side.

Useful to have a bottle as tap not quite over the bowl. One shallow natural pottery bowl and shallow extended concrete which dries out due to low seaberry saltbush (Ragodia) with a medium boobialla to the north and west.

S37 degrees 57' 14.9” E145 degrees 0.00' 19.1” 

10. South of Sims Street

Waterbowl 10

100m south of Sims Street and Sandy Beach car park B11.  Along coastal track on the west side. Can access from path opposite 131 Beach Rd. Bowls are 40m north of waterbowl no. 9. 

Two deep orange pottery bowls.  Need bottle to fill smaller bowl from tap.

S37 degrees 57' 23.5” E145 degrees 0.00' 30.4” 

11. North of B11 car park

Waterbowl 11

North of B11 car park opposite centre of 122 Beach Rd 10m south of BBQ in picnic ground along the track on the west side. 

One shallow natural pottery bowl and one small bowl in among bushes on west side of track. 

S37 degrees 57' 15.4” E145 degrees 0.00' 21.0” 

12. North of Abbott Street car park

Waterbowl 8 - From Abbott St carpark B8

From Abbott Street car park B8 just north on pathway, diverts to nearer fence along clifftop, under lamppost (end of powerline).

May require bottle of water. One white circular shallow dish.

S37 degrees 56' 53.8” E144 degrees 59' 57.7”

13. South of Jetty Road

South of Jetty Rd

Jetty Road car park B9 at south side of Jetty Rd on east side of car park in picnic area (at east end). One large patterned and 1 small patterned kidney dish; useful to have a bottle to fill up.

S37 degrees 56' 49.2” E144 degrees 59' 57.7 ”

14. On Jetty Road north side

Jetty Rd north side

On Jetty Road north side and just west of car park B9. Under drinking tap (not working), therefore need bottle of water (there are several other water bowl points nearby).

S37 degrees 56' 48.00” E144 degrees 59' 54.7”

15. North of Jetty Road

North of Jetty Road cliff top

North of Jetty Road along cliff top path then into shrubs to west of clifftop path before fence begins (also west of Trey Bit Reserve south of bowl No.12).

Some plastic dog bowls too.

S37 degrees 56' 46.6” E144 degrees 59' 52.7”

16. North of Trey Bit Reserve

 North of Trey Bit Reserve

North of Jetty Road on clifftop path on west side of Trey Bit Reserve.

One white wave-edged medium deep bowl under drinking fountain – retains water but sun causes algae growth, therefore needs more frequent cleaning.

S37 degrees 56' 44.5” E144 degrees 59' 54.0”


17. Green Point

Green Point

On southeast corner of red brick building on south side of park near bike path.

Can become overgrown. Cream bowl under tap of medium depth

S37degrees 55' 27.3" E144 degrees 59' 14.2"

18. Dendy Dunes

Waterbowl 18

Dendy Dunes beside red brick Sea Scouts building on south side, south of Dendy Bathing Boxes. Can access down steep track opp. Gould St or from Green Pt along beach or dunes track walking north.

Cream bowl of shallow depth under tap.

S37degrees 55' 36.2" E144 degrees 59' 22.3" 

19. Brighton Baths South

Brighton Baths South

South end of lawn beside grasses and triplex.

Two bowls-small cream bowl of medium depth under tap and drinking fountain - need bottle to fill. Large shallow cream bowl which is above small one.

S37 degrees 54' 42.2" E144 degrees 59' 07.5"

20. Brighton Baths Lawn

Brighton Baths lawn

Brighton Baths at top of grass lawn near pathway from Baths heading southeast to Beach Road.

One bowl under drinking fountain. Needs bottle to help fill.

S37 degrees 54' 39.2" E144 degrees 59' 08.4"