Bronzewings Need You!

Common Bronzewing (Denis Young)

Common Bronzewings are lovely native pigeons that survive in small numbers in Bayside. They feed on seeds, especially large ones like those from Black Wattle, bursarias, and other species.

See the article on Bayside pigeons to sort out which are what.

Twenty years ago a report said that Cheltenham Park was probably their most important site in southeast Melbourne. We found several nests from head height in Coast Tea-trees to 10m up in a cypress. Then their favourite spot was tidied up for an RSL event and soon after the numbers collapsed, along with Crested Pigeons, around the time poisoned oats were laid to kill rabbits.  We can't prove the cause but for many years none were found there any more.

We discovered another important site - a vacant industrial site with a lot of exotic Tree Lucernes. That was bulldozed.

All this time they stayed at a favourite spot in the Golf Driving Range in Wangara Road, Sandringham. Again projects at their favourite spot meant they deserted that part of the Range but they survived further south. 

We were determined to ensure they will survive in our City and developed a plan, with the support of the Council, Citywide, and the Golf Driving Range. 

So in 2008 forty-five volunteers turned out to plant an area of the Range at the corner of George St and Talinga Rd. Ever since we've held events to weed the site and plant even more of the grasses, shrubs, and trees that produce seeds that Bronzewings love.  

Up to ten Bronzewings have been seen at the site - helped perhaps by the kind people nearby who provide a variety of seeds on their bird tables.    

You can help them too! Watch out for our News and join us at planting/weeding sessions. Plant your garden for them. Or just let us know if you see any. 

They've been spotted in streets and gardens with Brachychiton species like Flame Trees and Kurajongs and a pair may be breeding around the Long Hollow Reserve in Beaumaris. 

Bronzewings need you!