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Help improve habitat for frogs, insects and other wildlife at Tulip St Reserve next to the Sandringham Family Leisure Centre.

Bayside is blessed with green space but has few wetlands. The pond at the Reserve is one place where frogs can be found. Friends of Native Wildlife have been monitoring frogs in the pond for the Melbourne Water Frog Census for over 20 years. We are regularly finding three different species of frogs and many invertebrates in the pond. The pond is ephemeral - it dries up from time to time.

Join us to dig in a variety of plants to improve habitat for the frogs and insects.

Where: Corner Tulip St and Reserve Rd Cheltenham, south of the BMX corner
Parking in Tulip St or Park Rd
Melway: 86 D1
Please bring: sturdy shoes, working gloves and warm clothes, water. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CUP OR MUG.
Photo: Spotted Marsh Frog, Nick Talbot

Sun 30 Jun 2024 10:00am to 11:30am
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Tulip St Pond development proposal submission PP 49/2020

Tulip Street Pond is one of the very few places in Bayside where frogs regularly breed, particulary larger frogs such as the Eastern Banjo (Pobblebonk) frog. Planning proposal 49/2020 for basketball courts impacts the pond, but neglects to consider the pond's importance to frogs and other native wildllife. Friends of Native Wildlife Inc. lodged an objection to the proposal with Council. This is a copy of our objection.

2020 Bayside Council Election - Responses to Candidate Questionnaire

We sent a questionnaire to every candidate for the 2020 Bayside Council election who provided contact details to the Victorian Electoral Commission (61 out of 66). We asked about issues we think are important for our community. It is not our intention to dictate to anyone how they should vote in the Council election, and we will not be endorsing any candidates. Rather, we want you to be well informed when you exercise your vote.

Vale Ian Parsons

Vale Ian Parsons, aged 93.  A life spent close to nature.
Ian Parsons
Ian was a volunteer at Braeside Park for many years, part of Bayside Environmental Friends Network and of course, a life member of Friends of Native Wildlife Inc.

The Little Wattlebird

Little Wattlebirds are the first to wake and last to roost in our neighbourhood. Their unique range of calls are varied, loud and constant, with some of the stranger, harsh grating noises very unbirdlike. A Japanese visitor enquired about the strange noisy animals that woke him on his first morning in Australia. Upon being shown a Little Wattlebird in full voice he could not believe a bird, especially one that small, was responsible.


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