Bayside Bats

Bats are nocturnal, flying mammals.

They fall into two groups: the megabats and the microbats. Megabats are relatively large, fruit-eating bats, while microbats are small insect eaters.

The megabats, represented locally by the Grey-headed Flying Fox, are the ones most often noticed in Bayside. However they do not call Bayside home. Rather, they fly to and over Bayside in their search for food such as fruit and flowers. Unlike the microbats, the Flying Foxes rely on their eyesight and sense of smell to navigate and locate food.

Microbats are much smaller bats that use echolocation to navigate and find food, and are capable of flying safely in total darkness. Being small and mostly silent to human ears, many people are unaware of their existence. Several species of microbats call Bayside home.

You can encourage bats to visit your garden! Learn how with our Gardens For Wildlife habitat recipes.

Species found in Bayside

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